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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a Website

Typically when someone asks for a website to be created or redesigned, they see it as a task that can be performed magically by the geeks over in IT.  While it takes a great deal of practice for the web developer to become ideal for this task, there is also a great deal of input and work required by the person requesting the website.  Our job is to guide you through this process as smoothly as possible.  Before a website is conceived, however, there are some important questions you should think about before designs and content are selected.

1. Why do you want to have a new website?

This is an obvious yet critical question to ask.  Do you want to focus primarily on promoting your organization? Provide information? Sell products? Provide a service? A combination of these?  The focus of your website will affect everything about it, from design to content.

2. Describe your organization in a few sentences.

This information is useful for creating a home page as well as giving a user who happens to stumble upon your website a general idea of where they are.

3. Describe the typical user who will view your website.

Age, gender, conditions, and user expectations all play important roles in the development process.  Will your users be tech savvy and highly adaptable? Or will they look at a computer and cry?


 4. Who is in charge of providing website content?

Will you decide as a group or will one person be responsible?  It is important to decide who is responsible for being the spokesperson to the developer so that conflicting inputs are not a and the developer knows who to contact.  Time is wasted and confusion is generated when a developer is contacted by different people providing different answers to the same problem.

5. What sets your organization apart from the rest of the herd?

What is special about your company?  Do you provide a specific service that is rarely found elsewhere?  Answer with something that gives your organization value to the company.

Daniel Coats • December 2, 2013

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