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Introduction to the blog

Hey Pals,

This blog will be updated weekly by members of the University of Louisville Clinical and Translational Research Support Center (CTRSC).  If you are at our website, feel free to browse around and see exactly what we are doing in our Center.  For the first week, we will also introduce ourselves prior to the post.

I am Dr. Timothy Wiemken, Assistant Professor of Medicine in the University of Louisville Division of Infectious Diseases.  I am also the Director of our Hospital Epidemiology program and the Assistant Director of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the Support Center.  Sound fancy?  Thats because I am.

We are having some issues coming up with a snappy name for the blog, but we are sticking with the confounders for now, since that kind of sums up our group.  If anyone has a good name, let us know – maybe we will hire you and pay you boat loads of cash.  Maybe we won’t.  You never know.

The goal of the blog is to give you all some idea of what we do and some ideas to make your life in research a teensy bit easier.  Our group consists of computer scientists, epidemiologists, statisticians, physicians, public health professionals, ethicists, and many others.  We try to keep our group light hearted, so expect this from the blog – no super stuffy science stuff here.  Hopefully we don’t offend anyone, but there will be alliteration… lots of it.



admin • August 23, 2013

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